Gardiant Feature Factory – Happy Holidays !!

Ever wonder where those nifty little features in your Gardiant Works come from? Come take a look at this secret Gardiant feature factory hard at work. We have an exclusive video of how your feature wish lists and ideas get delivered. Our investigation revealed that, while the holiday elves are only working during the season, these Gardiant elves work not stop all year round to make sure that Gardiant Works platform is up and running while adding new features from your wish list. Make no mistake, these Gardiant elves may fool you as innocent office workers but they sure know how to party and have fun!

When interviewed, these elves revealed their secret source of nonstop energy and smiles. We found that they have been secretly collecting kudos and customer feedback they get from you and other users to use them as a fuel for the feature factory and late night fixes. They have also secretly been keeping a “wish-list” for each and every one of you, which they use to deliver the special features you have requested. We found it to be a well oiled feature machine, hard at work year around.

We at Gardiant have had an amazing 2015 and so much fun making all of your wish list features come true! We are truly fortunate to have users who love the system and continue to share their industry expertise and amazing feedback. We wish you all a great holiday season and a happy new year. We look forward to your continued love and support.

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